Youth & Adult Classes.  Outdoor Activities.  Family Dance.


Day 1: August 18th

When you arrive, have fun playing basketball, climbing on the playground, or bring your own kayak to paddle in the pond.  Take a go on the rope swing while you cool off in the creek or just enjoy the serenity of nature and time with your family.  Later that evening enjoy dinner outdoors. You may bring your own food or purchase a delicious dinner provided by a one of the food trucks. Music begins at 7 pm for all of us to dance the night away at the family barn dance!  Spend the night in a tent, your RV, a bunkhouse, or family cabin.

Day 2: August 19th

Wake up and explore the many opportunities available for homeschoolers in Cache Valley as you wander through the variety of vendor booths. Throughout the day, attend classes and learn from experienced mentors to more fully master the art of homeschooling. While you attend your classes your youth (ages 12+) can participate in fun and educational workshops led by dynamic mentors.  Meet other homeschoolers and make connections during a picnic lunch at noon. You may bring your own sack lunch or purchase a lunch provided by one of the food trucks. You will leave the conference with new friends, new opportunities, and more knowledge for great homeschool success!  



The goal of this event is to bring homeschool families together and provide meaningful and relevant resources available in Cache Valley to a wide array of homeschooling families whether you are brand new to homeschooling or a seasoned expert.




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Cyndee Musselman

Cyndee began homeschooling her four boys nearly 20 years ago.  She developed a homeschool curriculum called N.E.S.T., and homeschooled her boys through high school.  Homeschooling offered Cyndee and her family many incredible experiences including biking across America, SCUBA diving in Guam, and starting a farm.  Her children have received multiple scholarships for college and academic awards.  Now that Cyndee's boys have flown the nest, she wants to help other families succeed in homeschooling.  She is a passionate teacher.  She especially enjoys teaching the principles of what makes a great education, and then helping to apply those principles to individual circumstances.  In response to inquiries, she has made available her N.E.S.T. Curriculum, which is "the kNowledge, Experience, Skills, and Testimony I wanted my children to have before they left my nest." 

Aubree Hazard

After graduating with an engineering degree, Aubree became disillusioned with traditional education systems and searched for something better for her own kids. She now gets to spend her days reading, experimenting, adventuring and learning beside her daughters. She is passionate about alternative education philosophies and is thrilled to partner with Acton Academy to bring a revolutionary learning environment to Cache Valley. She’s committed to equipping children with tools, principles, and freedom to change the world! 

Adam Hailstone

After receiving his degrees, Adam became a small business owner of two companies, one in services and the other in business plan writing and consulting. Later he sold those businesses to help build Williamsburg Learning, an education services provider that operates multiple schools and partners with school districts and charter schools around the country, where Adam serves as Director of Leadership and CMO.  

Christina McDowell

Christina has a unique background in both homeschool and public education. After homeschooling her children for 10 years, she knew her life's calling was to teach.  She obtained a degree in Educational Studies and she is licensed as a secondary teacher.  She is the founder and director of Cache Valley Forest School. She is a dedicated and passionate educator with experience in educational program development.  Christina is  extensively trained in project based learning and is committed to bringing high quality education and resources to homeschoolers in Cache Valley. She truly feels called to serve her homeschool community.

Dale & Michelle Bartlett

Dale & Michelle Bartlett are the authors of multiple internationally known travel books, social media sites and own a blog with information designed to help people travel more for much less than most could ever dream. They are best known as the family travel experts, but they are quickly becoming experts on inexpensive travel for anyone-- singles, couples or families. In 1997, the Bartletts began discovering different ways to travel inexpensively and sometimes even free!  As acclaimed speakers, the Bartletts have shared the podium with such notable personalities as New York Times Bestselling Author Richard Paul Evans, Paula Fellingham (founder of The Women's Information Network), noted author and "Get Away Guru" Larry Gelwix (real-life coach of the team featured in the movie Forever Strong), John Taylor Gatto, Rebecca W. Keller, and Alice Fulton-Osborne. The Bartletts have been featured on television morning shows and radio programs, in multiple newspapers across the country, and in countless articles in print. 

Misty Myers

Misty is the mother 9 children, ages 13-30 and the last 3 are currently in Scholar Phase. She has been homeschooling for almost 30 years and has participated in several home school co-ops and commonwealths. She believes education should be home centered, community supported and she is currently working to build a scholar community in Cache Valley. She loves to teach math and offers mentor training to help support parents.

Dr. Michael King

Dr. King is the director of Legacy Coaching and Family Services and the creator of "Legacy for Parents and Youth", a youth development and parent coaching program. Dr. King's educational background includes a bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree from Utah State University studying human development and family studies. Dr. King has worked with individuals and families in various settings including residential treatment, counseling, family education, and parent coaching.

Deborah Rowley

Deborah Rowley is a teacher and writer. She is the author of 7 books for children and many more educational resources for families. Deborah taught at Liahona Preparatory Academy for 13 years, starting their distance education program for elementary students. Currently she is the founder of Windows of Wisdom and education director for the Roots of Humanity Foundation. Both of these non-profits use stained-glass to educate and seek to make homeschooling simple, affordable, and meaningful for families. 

Angela Hess

Angela Hess is a eclectic homeschooling mama of three. A true optimist at heart, a lover of all things creative, a people connector, a problem solver, a fun seeker, a simplicity admirer, and a devoted wife. She felt called to devoting her life to homeschooling and left behind a widely fun successful career of almost twenty years as a stylist, educator , and speaker for a international corporate company which she was contracted with as an independent artist. 

Amy Hart

Amy Hart is the mother of 8 children and grandmother of 23 and counting. She started teaching 1st grade 39 years ago and has been teaching students of all ages to read ever since. She started homeschooling her children in 1992. She is Dyslexic and 5 of her children are Dyslexic. She has worked with many struggling readers and has developed her own 3D Reading program.

Allison Richardson

Allison is a very grateful mother of seven, grandmother of 10, and wife of 30+ years. She loves the youth and champions them as they get started on their education journey. She has helped hundreds of teens get early college experience that is attainable by anyone willing to try. She developed a concurrent enrollment program that the whole state of utah can participate in. It is complete with incredible professors that advocate and have open tutoring hours and study groups. Come learn how your family can save thousands and get “scholarships” starting in grade nine for this amazing opportunity.

Ashley de Tello

Ashley is the founder and CEO of de Tello Publishing, a company born out of her passion for the power of words. With a background in international relations, economics, and political science, she thrives on making difficult topics easy to understand and even fun to read about. World Schooling was her very first book and combined her love of education, motherhood, and world travel. She now helps other aspiring authors to profitably publish their books .

Ashlin Christian

Ashlin is a graduate of Utah State University in Music Therapy, with an emphasis in Vocal Performance. She is a board-certified Music Therapist (MT-BC). She has taught private music lessons for over 13 years, and has worked with clients in music therapy sessions for 4 years.  While completing her Music Therapy internship, she gained lots of experience working with special needs children and adults in music therapy settings, and also while teaching them how to play instruments. Able Minds Music Therapy, LLC was founded to help children and teens reach their goals and potentials through music! Ashlin is currently working on a Master's in Special Education and Autism Spectrum Disorders. 

Arielle Hadfield

Arielle Hadfield is an author and editor who focuses heavily on teaching her clients healthy mindsets in order to overcome writer's block. These mindsets are applicable in every other situation in life and can be applied to every goal and endeavor -- including homeschooling. Arielle graduated with a degree in Communication Disorders from Utah State University in 2010. She began homeschooling her four children in 2023 when she realized the lack of mental health education available within the public school system and wanted to provide a healthier environment for her children to learn and develop their emotional health. 

Katie King

Katie King teaches Let's Play Music, Sound Beginnings and Presto classes in the South Logan area. She has been playing & studying music all her life and loves singing, playing piano and trumpet. She strongly believes the kids learn best through play and has dedicated her professional life to finding ways to help teach music in playful and fun ways and to coaching parents to do the same with their practicing.

Steffanie Casperson

Steffanie Casperson has homeschooled her four children "from the beginning." With a personal motto of, "If it's not fun, it's not worth it," she has ensured her family's approach to homeschooling has not only been interactive and engaging for the kids, but NOT a lot of stress for HER! Together, her family has enjoyed and/or reviewed over 33 field trip destinations along the Wasatch Front. Their passion for on-the-go learning has lead to biger adventures in Taiwan and in several major American cities. She's delighted to share these adventure tips and learning style with other homeschoolers. 



The Venue

A Touch of Paradise

692 West Mt. Pisgah Rd (8700 South) Paradise, UT 

The conference will be held at an amazing family friendly venue with amenities including large grassy areas for play, pond for swimming or boating, creek with rope swings, playground, basketball courts, bowery, indoor bathrooms, large indoor conference room, and many outdoor spaces to explore.  The venue offers ample room for tent camping.  There is also the option to bring an RV, rent a bunkhouse, or even a full cabin with kitchen, bathroom and living room!


See you soon!

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